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KW Vending also offers the alternative to coin operated vending machines, Mico-Market. An open market workplace convenience store replaces break room vending machines with reach-in coolers and retail racking fixtures, offering over 350 beverages, snacks, fresh fruit, salads and foods. A cashless self check out touch screen Kiosk uses product bar codes and cash charged key tags and credit/debit cards to make purchases.

KW Vending offers Micr-Market Centers

Payment Methods

Equipment and Technology

KW Vending uses today’s leading technology and equipment when it comes to offering its customers the best product.  We provide energy-efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, stylish kiosks and a full security system.  The Micro-Market technology provides quick and easy transactions for shoppers, while at the same time providing the operator an easy web-based inventory management system.  This makes it easy to input new products and update items within a matter of minutes. 

The best part is… providing this service to your employees is completely FREE!

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What Makes Us Different!

  • Over 25 years of Vending Experience
  • Independently Owned and Operated
  • Dedicated Service Team
  • Courteous Uniformed Route Personnel
  • 24/7 Maintenance Response
  • Custom Programs
  • Healthy Products
  • Hispanic Products
  • A High Quality Food Program
  • Credit & Debit Card Readers
  • Branded Products
  • Remotely Monitored Vending Machines

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